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wedding insurance SC
wedding protection SC
wedding coverage SC
What does the wedding
protector plan cover?

Cancellation / Postponement:
Can provide coverage for certain
deposits in the event of a
necessary cancellation or
postponement of a wedding in SC.

Additional Expense:
Can provide coverage for certain
unexpected expenses incurred to
avoid a cancellation or
postponesment of your SC
Event Photos And Video:
If your wedding photographer
doesn't show or the negatives
are lost or damaged this can
provide coverage.

Event Gifts:
Damaged wedding gifts? The
wedding protector plan can
provide coverage.

Special Attire:
Did you have an oops moment
with the bridal gown or grooms
tuxedo? Not to worry this wedding
protector can provide coverage
sc wedding insurance
wedding coverage SC
Special Jewelry:
Can provide coverage if the
bride's or groom's wedding band
is lost or damaged. Best man
lost the ring? No problem.

Lost Deposits:
Did a vendor not show up to the
wedding? The wedding
protector plan can provide
wedding insurance SC
wedding protection SC
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