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renters insurance | SC
What is renters insurance?
For those who rent, renters insurance covers damage to or loss of your
personal property. Whether you rent from a house owner, a property manager,
or a university (as a student living in a dorm), consider purchasing renters

Why do I need renters insurance?
Landlords insure the physical apartment building against damage from
occurrences such as fire, hail, and vandalism. But their insurance policy does
not cover your belongings, so don't expect the landlord to owe you payment
should anything happen. Another reason to get renters insurance is to protect
yourself against any accidents caused by other tenants.

Renters insurance can also protect against liability lawsuits or medical bills of
guests injured in your apartment.

Some landlords require you to purchase renters insurance.   If so, this would
be stipulated in your lease or lease riders.

What kinds of loss of or damage to property does renters
insurance cover?
There are many types of loss that insurance will cover, plus additional options.
It depends on the institution. In addition to cost, this can help you choose from
where you want to get rental insurance. For example, some of the better
known places do not cover damage from floods, unless you pay an extra
charge. If you live in an area prone to floods, it makes better sense to search
for options where flood protection is included.

How does renters insurance work when you need to replace
your property?
There are two kinds of payouts: actual cash value and replacement cost

Actual Cash Value.  This type of coverage pays an amount equal to the
current cost to replace your items minus the depreciated value.

Replacement Cost Coverage.  This type of coverage pays you the
amount it would cost to replace your lost or damaged property. You only get
the money if you replace the items. There is also usually a limit on how much
money you receive, and the premiums tend to be higher.

Deductibles.  This is the amount you pay for the lost or damaged goods,
before the insurance company would begin paying. Typically, the higher the
deductible, the cheaper your policy will cost.
What other protection can I get from renters insurance?
Liability protection. Some renters insurance protects you against a lawsuit if
someone or their property is damaged on your apartment’s premises.

Medical payments to guests.  Some policies cover the medical bills
up to a limit of anyone, except you or anyone else who lives in the apartment,
who is injured in your apartment.

Increase in Living Expenses.  If your living expenses increase,
because you must live elsewhere due to a loss, some policies cover, up to a
limit, that increase.

Lost property while traveling.  Some renters insurance policies cover
your property even when you’re traveling, should the airline lose your luggage.

Premium policy add-ons.  If you’re willing to pay a higher premium, you
can buy additional protection. The add-ons differ from company to company,
so be sure to ask for details.
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