Do not:  Insure your Orangeburg, SC home based on the loan value or the purchase price.

Do:  Know that some carriers add a wind or hurricane damage deductible on top of the standard deductible to policies for houses in
areas prone to such damage.  In some places earthquake deductibles apply.  Places that are deemed high risk to wind and hail damage
may even exclude it from the policy all together.  Those cases require a separate wind and hail or “hurricane” insurance policy.

Do not:  I know it’s hard sometimes and we have all heard the term insurance poor, but try not to get frustrated if you live in a high risk
area.  Our agents are here to help protect your home from risk.  If you chose to live in a high risk area there are unique costs associated
with that decision.  We try our best to explain the options available so you can make a sound decision. Thankfully Orangeburg SC is not in
a high risk area.

Do:  Know that NO homeowners insurance policy covers damage from a flood.

Do not:  Think it can’t happen to you even in Orangeburg, SC.

Do:  Buy additional coverage for luxury items like furs, jewelry and artwork or home-based business equipment like computers and tools.
Your regular policy may not cover the cost to replace these items in the event of loss.

Do not:  Ever hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have.  
Auto insurance shopping tips for Orangeburg, SC:

Do:  Know your vehicle.  Yes you need to know the year, make, and model.  It’s good to know the value of the vehicle or what it would
cost to buy another one in like condition.

Do not:  Assume your old car or truck is worthless.  A quick search on what like vehicles are selling for near Orangeburg may shock you.

Do:  Know that if you are in an accident driving with state minimum coverage and are hit by a driver with state minimum coverage you
may have a serious gap in coverage if the accident is severe.  You could be stuck with a large medical bill even though you are not at
fault.  Buy limits of liability higher than the state minimums.  Buy underinsured and uninsured coverage.   

Do not:  Buy state minimum coverage.  If having a large bill for an accident you did not create is not motivation enough then allow one of
our agents to show you how a
Risk Profile Reduction Plan can get you more coverage in Orangeburg SC for less than you would pay for
minimum coverage.

Do:  Use some of our special plans to help lower your costs.  We have a teen driver discount plan, hybrid vehicle discount plan, classic
car plan, and of coarse our
Risk Profile Reduction Plan.  They are all designed to help you save.  Ask us what’s new with auto insurance
in Orangeburg SC.

Do not:  Make a bad decision because you are in a rush to get insured.  Take a minute and get to know the person and company you’re
doing business with in Orangeburg SC

Do:  Ask us any questions you may have.  We are here to help our great customers in Orangeburg, SC.
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Orangeburg, South Carolina area offices:

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Orangeburg SC insurance quote tips:

Quote your auto or car insurance once a year.  In Orangeburg SC our offices are here to provide a quick auto or car insurance
quote even for our existing clients.  We have been able to lower rates for car or auto insurance clients that have been with us for 3
or more years.

Look at increasing your auto or car insurance liability limits.  Having increased auto or car insurance liability limits can qualify your
risk for a preferred rating tier.  Any of our Orangeburg SC area agents can explain how this can get you a lower auto or car
insurance quote or rate.

Ask about EFT discounts.  Having the monthly premium automatically deducted can lower clients auto or car insurance monthly
rates.  All our Orangeburg SC area agents can help find the right pay plan for you.

Clients living in homes constructed within the last 10 years need to keep in mind that new home discounts decrease over time.  
Quote homeowners insurance rates every few years in these cases.  Our Orangeburg SC area agents can help make sure clients
are receiving the maximum discounts.

Clients that have had a claim in the past should check with their Orangeburg SC insurance agent every year so that the
homeowners insurance rate can be quoted again without the claim.  This will make sure the risk is properly rated.

A quote for homeowners insurance can be reviewed by any of our Orangeburg SC area agents.  Ask about new coverage areas
offered as companies change their policies every few years.

When getting a quote for business insurance in Orangeburg SC make sure to estimate your payroll or sales numbers accurately.  
Our Orangeburg SC area agents can help you with these numbers.
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For Orangeburg area insurance GCI Agents LLC is your answer. We offer auto insurance, home insurance, renters
, business insurance and life insurance to residents of Orangeburg and surrounding areas. We are your one-stop
shop for insurance, whether it is a car insurance or homeowners insurance
quote that you are seeking. Make sure you have
adequate coverage in every possible situation with the best insurance
quotes for Orangeburg, South Carolina from the insurance
shopping experts at GCI Agents LLC.
We are the premier insurance agency in Orangeburg SC , offering coverage in all areas at
low rates. With some of the top
insurance agents in Orangeburg, South Carolina you can be sure that you are receiving the best service and support when it
comes to your insurance plan. For the top insurance, look no further than the insurance shopping experts at GCI Agents LLC.. Give
our agents a call to receive quotes, information and to get insured instantly. Serving Orangeburg, South Carolina.
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Homeowners insurance shopping tips:

Do:  Know your Orangeburg area home.  Before getting a home insurance quote you
should know your homes square footage, age, roof age, and type of construction.

Do not:  Forget to increase your liability limits. Many home insurance companies will
increase your home insurance policy's limits for just a few dollars extra.

Do:  Insure your Orangeburg home to replacement cost value.  Buy enough coverage
to rebuild your home if the worst were to happen. Talk to a professional agent and
determine how much it would cost to duplicate the size and style of the home you are
currently in. Our agents have a computer program designed to determine the cost of
replacing your home.  Better to pay a little more in premiums than a lot more for a new
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PH)   803-407-9991
PH)   803-407-9991
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